UniSQ Sydney operating hours

9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that operation hours are subject to change.


Use of Computer Labs and Classrooms

In keeping with accepted practice the work environment of all students is to be respected. Classrooms and laboratory areas are to be kept clean and tidy. Students are required to remove all litter, work papers, bags and all personal belongings at the end of each class or upon leaving an area. All litter is to be placed in bins appropriately. Classroom furniture such as desks and chairs are to be returned to a neat and tidy position at the end of each session. Classroom equipment such as overhead projectors, computers, televisions and video players can only be moved to another room with the permission of the lecturer and need to be returned after use.


Computer Labs

UniSQ Sydney has 3 well equipped computer laboratories, with free Internet facilities. The computer labs are located at level 1, 29-35 Bellevue Street. Please contact reception at Level 1 for further assistance.

Computer Lab times: 9:00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Please note that operation hours are subject to change.

Library Facilities

You can borrow books from the Resource Centre at UniSQ Sydney for referencing and study. You also have access to the UniSQ Library facility including the database, study support and more. You are also able to borrow books from other universities under the ULANZ (University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand) borrowing scheme.

For further details please contact the Resource Centre via phone +61 2 9280 3733, or email: library@usqsydney.nsw.edu.au


UniSQ Sydney Resource Centre Borrowing Policy

We aim to ensure that textbooks that are in high demand are available for all students to access.
We will send notifications to your UniSQ email address or via SMS when you have overdue textbooks.


Borrowing Period

  • New edition textbooks can be borrowed up to 2 weeks
  • Old edition textbooks can be borrowed up to 4 weeks

It is your responsibility to know when your textbooks are due, and to check your UniSQ email account.


Lost and overdue fines

  • $1 a day per book for overdue books
  • $2 per day for overdue books during the exam period (for reserved books)
  • Lost or damaged items fee is based on purchase price of the textbook as calculated by the resource centre

If you have difficulties returning your textbooks by the due date, it is your responsibility to contact us: library@usqsydney.nsw.edu.au or ph: +61 2 9280 3733.


Student Rooms

Bellevue Street campus has a student/lunch room with a Pool table for recreation and relaxation located on Level 5.