Coming to Australia

Australian Customs

On arrival you will be required to present your passport and completed incoming passenger card to the customs officer, then collect your luggage and proceed to the green or red channel.

If you do not have any goods to declare follow the green Channel. If you have any goods to declare or are unsure, follow the red Channel.

When traveling to Australia , please be aware that if you are carrying a total of AUD$10,000 or more in cash of any currency, you MUST declare the money on your incoming passenger card and when questioned by Australian Customs officials on arrival. A failure to declare this money may result in the money being taken and you being arrested and prosecuted. It is NOT an offence to bring this money into Australia . The offence is not declaring the money.

For information regarding duty free allowance and restricted imports, please refer to:

Australian Quarantine

The Australian Quarantine Service strictly enforces Australian regulations covering items that can and cannot be brought into Australia . You must declare on the incoming passenger card:

  • Food
  • Plant Material – including any wooden items
  • Animal products.

Any prohibited items should be placed in the quarantine bins on the way to baggage collection at the airport. Baggage will be checked by both specially trained sniffer dogs and x-ray machines, so take care to declare any items, even if you are unsure about them. On the spot fines of AUD$200- or more can be imposed for failure to declare items. Further information may be obtained at: