Student Visa Issues

Reducing Your Enrolment

International students who are studying in Australia on a student visa are required to maintain an enrolment that will allow them to complete their program in the time specified on their Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).

Under certain circumstances, students may reduce their study load in a semester, however must consult with the Faculty before doing so, to ensure that they are still able to complete their program within the time specified on their Confirmation of Enrolment. Failure to do so may result in future enrolment plan and visa compliance difficulties.

You must submit a request for a reduced study load on UConnect in your Student Centre.

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Repeating a Course More than Once

Students can re-enrol in a course that they have previously failed if it is required for the completion of their program. Some courses may require permission before re-enrolling and therefore the student should consult with their Faculty as soon as possible. If a student fails a course/s more than once, they may be required to participate in the USQ AWARE program for assistance with academic performance and/or be subject to exclusion from the program.

For further information, please refer to the Academic Standing, Progression and Exclusion Procedure.

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Change of Contact Details

Students are required to give accurate details of address and contact number to USQ SEC on registration. You are also required to inform USQ SEC of any change of address or contact number within 7 days of moving residence or changing contact number. Please contact staff at Reception, Level 1, Bellevue St. to give your new details by filling the Change in Contact Details form.

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Conditions and Compliance

Mandatory conditions are attached to ALL student visas, while discretionary conditions are attached according to individual circumstances. If students bring family members with them, then additional conditions may apply. A full list of conditions is available on the Department of Home Affairs website at:

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Deferral, Leave of absence and Suspension of studies

Students who need to defer studies or apply for leave of absence for compassionate reasons (such as serious illness, bereavement, crime against the student) during semesters should apply through Manager- Academic Services, Level 3 for leave from their program and provide evidence of a genuine reason for their inability to study.

Students who defer studies are expected to leave Australia during the period of their deferral, unless exceptional circumstances prevent them from leaving Australia. USQ will notify Department of Home Affairs on the student’s behalf to ensure visa compliance.

  • Student’s enrolment may be suspended or cancelled on the basis of poor academic progress. Please refer to USQ policy relating to Academic Standing, Progression and Exclusion.
  • Student’s enrolment may be suspended or cancelled on the basis of academic misconduct. Please refer to USQ policy relating to Student Academic Misconduct.
  • Students are required to enrol by the last date to add courses in a given semester.
  • Students who are not enrolled and who do not recommence studies in a given semester will be given two (2) weeks as a time frame before their COE is cancelled.

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Re-entry to Australia

Most Student visas permit multiple entry to Australia – please check your visa details and conditions at: /.

Students who have left Australia during the university study period, should check with the Australian High Commission or Embassy in their country, prior to returning to Australia , to ensure their visa has not been cancelled by Department of Home Affairs.

A list of Department of Home Affairs contacts around the world are available at:

Please remember non­compliance with the conditions of your visa may result in the cancellation of your student visa. For further information regarding student visa conditions you may refer to /.

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Should you have dependants travelling with you to Australia you need to ensure they are covered in your student visa application. School-aged dependants accompanying you to Australia will be required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either government or non-government schools. For information please refer to:

It is also compulsory that you and your dependants have valid health cover.

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Transfer between Providers

Students are only eligible to transfer education providers in line with USQ policy covering National Code 2018 Standard 7 – Transfer between Providers.

For further information or enquiries please see contact the Director on Level 3, 29-35 Bellevue Street Surry Hills NSW 2010, e-mail: or Ph: +61 2 9280 3733

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